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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Day After

I didn't awaken until the next day.

I was awaken by the smell of bacon.
She knows. This is her I'm sorry breakfast.

Now let me accurately paint a picture if my mother. She's not as horrible as she sounds. She cares about me and my education. She wants me to have options for my future. That's why she helped me get a scholarship for this wealthy prestigious private school that will help me get into an ivy league school.

The thing with my mom is she had better options than prostitution. She's addicted to sex so this is her ideal job.

But back to the present. She usually never let her clients get that far with me but last night was the first. I'm extremely disgusted with the thought of last night, but i can't change yesterday. I can only.prepare for the future.

But dont get me wrong. I'm not brushing it off. I hate the guy that did this to me, and if i get an opportunity to kill him, I will.

At breakfast all I heard were apologies. She also begged me not to tell anyone about what happened. After a while I did agree. What can I say she's my mom, and i don't want to be taken away from my school. That is my ticket to the good life.

By the way do you know how hard it is to go to school with rich kids, and try to fit in while your dirt poor.

That's why I stay invisible. Even.with this hurtful secret. No one to talk to. Well its time to throw up the invisibility screen and get to school.

New day. New oppourtnities...


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Day

I can never have a good day. Something bad always has to happen. I guess their's a price for everything in life even HAPPINESS!!!

I'm getting ahead of myself...

It was my millionth day at school, but some how this day felt different than the rest. This was the day. The Day he noticed me.

Now this was a good thing. The bad thing was that he thought I was new. I've had classes with him since elementary school, and I'm the new girl. The other bad thing is that I'm also now a target.

Everyone now thinks that me and him are cool, just because we had a casual conversation in the hallway, and it got so interesting that he walked me to class. So now all the girls that wish they could just get five seconds of his time have it out for me. As if I didn't already have problems.

But you know what I really don't care if I'm a target because for once I'm not invisible, and the guy I want knows I exist. So at the end of the Day I had a happy ending.


I came home to the smell of marijuana and alcohol. I knew this meant company, and not the kind of company your happy to see.

That means my mom is here with her latest client. To come flat out and say that she's a prostitute, is an understatement. She is the ultimate prostitute, and if social services weren't breathing down her neck already, she would try to pimp me out.

I hate it when she works from home because her clients always try to get me in on the action. Which is so disgusting. I have too much self respect for that.

But today, my self-respect didn't matter. This client was different. He was determined like he always gets what he wants.

He came in my room, and just went for it no questions. He forced his dick down my throat and kept forcing it deeper with every thrust. And sometimes he held it there until I would feel like I was choking.

He was extremely strong. He pinned me down with his body, and held my hands back with one of his hands. I was trapped.

The whole time I was thinking where is my mom. I just wanted to scream for her, but even if I could it would be useless. I know she's probably passed out on the bed on some drug.

I feel the oxygen leaving my body. The darkness creeps upon me. My last thought is, so much for my happy ending.

This was the day of my first sexual encounter. Unfortunately this experience was taken.

Aminah :(